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Invent Your Planet - HandsMillions of hands

The products we are consuming are the results of a sum of operations made by men and women all over the world.

In the case of the greegrocer on the market on saturday mornings or of the backer down the street, we know these hands that make bread or tomatoes with love. But what about the freshest smartphone or the ultimate-fashion sneakers: children, slaves?

Base is human.

Organic and social cotton serving humans

Invent Your Planet - GOTS

Thanks to the apparition of the GOTS label, good life conditions are now accessible to numerous individuals.

It guarantees that the cotton is cultivated according to organic farming, but also that its transformation has no nocive consequences on environment and workers. This reduces considerably intoxications linked to cultivation and transformation of the conventional cotton.

But it also guarentees numberous social aspects, and ensure work in the dignity. Forced labor or employment of children is forbidden. Working hours are defined and hours of overtime are paid at an increased rate.

We presented only a part of the guarantees ensured by this label which is delivered by independents organisms. For more information, you can read more on GOTS website, or contact us.

Our shirts are made exclusively from this organic cotton.

If only it could also come from near-by...